#SMMW19 Live Tips from Amy Porterfield


#SMMW19 Notes from Amy Porterfield’s Talk about Going Live. Amy Porterfield is the guru when it comes to digital course developed so I really wanted to hear what she had to say about live video.

Amy’s tips for going live on Instagram and Facebook are the following:

  • It’s all about your mindset!

  • Start by starting … you have to consistently show up to get people to show up for you

  • Its more about you in the beginning but don’t worry, if you stay consistent, there will be a shift

  • Be vulnerable and relatable. Don’t make up stuff and be authentic

  • Ease into live video by starting once a week

  • Don’t worry about being polished and let your what you’re talking about shine!

  • Valuable content is key

  • Promote before and ask people to submit questions before hand

  • Scared to get started on live videos? Practice on Instagram Stories

  • Keep the equipment simple

  • Be prepared but don’t script