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Being a small business owner is a tough job. You become a Jack of All Trades but a Master of Nothing. You know your business needs a social media and digital marketing presence but don't have the time to set-up, manage, create, engage and execute social channels or online content, OR,  you do have the time and want to learn it yourself.  That's where I come in.

I’m Shannon, a master in the ever changing face of online media and social strategy. My company, Shannon Lee Strategy has a few options -- social media & digital marketing consulting options and coaching packages if you want to do it yourself.  


Choose what's right for your small business:


You don't have time to manage your web and social media and you want someone to do it for you.

You want to learn how to manage everything yourself, in under 10 hours a month.


SOcial Strategy + Photos

Don't have time to handle your online web marketing strategy? Let us help.

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Digital Marketing Coaching

Want to learn the latest trends in digital marketing and simplify your strategy in 10 hours a month? We can help.

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