VIDEO: Email marketing trends you need to jump on RIGHT NOW


On March 13, in a flu haze, my phone was blowing up! No one could get into their Facebook or Instagram accounts. Since I had the flu, I had taken the day off to rest up but I pinged my friend asking for advice as another friend could not get into her Instagram account as she thought Instagram had suspended her account! It turns out, no one could get in and there was a 10 hour outage on both social networks. YIKES! Everyone got a tiny taste of a world without social and it was scary.

What’s even scarier is of my 1300 followers on Instagram, I only probably have 175 on my email list! Email is something you own! Zuckerberg owns Facebook and Instagram, it’s free and well, it could be taken away TOMORROW.

In this video, I talk about Ann Handley’s inspiring talk about how to write emails people will want to read and how I implemented this myself and got responses!