3 Simple Steps to getting started on Instagram (and Facebook) Stories


Brands, small businesses and entrepreneurs are scared to get onto the Instagram Stories bandwagon. I am getting the sense it is a combination of self-consciousness and mindset, but as always, the world of online marketing is changing and businesses need to adapt.

Facebook for Business is leaning towards a “Stories World,” with 62% of businesses are using the tool, it’s time to look past what you look and sound like and remember, if you don’t stay on top of marketing trends, your brand and business could be left in the dust. Even though they only last 24 hours, Stories produce a big impact and make you relatable to the customer. (related: check out my Facebook Stories Hack) https://shannonleestrategy.com/readme/2019/3/12/my-trick-for-organic-reach-on-facebook

Luckily for you, adding Instagram (and Facebook) Stories is rather simple to add to your marketing plan and simple to manage.

Here are three easy steps I work on with my coaching students:

✔️ If you don't know where to start, observe. Spend anywhere from 1 day to a week looking at the content being put out by friends, businesses and even competitors.

✔️Then think to yourself, "How can I do this differently or better?" Make a note of what you like (and don't like) and let your personality shine because there is only one you and that is what makes you stand out and unique.

✔️ Block the time and do the work. To start out, block an hour to make a calendar for a month topics and then block five minutes a day to get on Stories itself to talk about your topics. It may not be perfect at first but remember practice and just doing it will make things easy over time.