What Clients are saying 

“Shannon has delivered amazing results for Caboost Kombucha! When we started out we had no idea how to start marketing our products on social media. Shannon jumped in and quickly designed a thoughtful marketing plan that stayed true to the vision and mission of our company. Thanks to Shannon, Caboost Kombucha’s visibility on social media has increased exponentially and we are seeing deeper engagement with our customers. She has been an amazing partner and is very easy to work with!”

Kris Romaine, Head Brewer and Founder, Caboost Kombucha


“I hired Shannon because I wanted a polished and professional online presence for my business. Shannon has deep knowledge of digital marketing that allows her to quickly customize our coaching priorities based on what’s happening in my business minute-by-minute. We work together to set specific social media goals for me to execute and I find that, with her support, I am motivated to just jump in make those posts happen!

I also really appreciate that Shannon is willing to teach and share what she knows. She has introduced me to effective apps, tools, podcasts and books that have helped me incorporate valuable knowledge into our business and continue to sharpen my entrepreneurial skills”.

I also love that she is a fellow “mompreneur” that supports other women in business."

Brooke Garcia, Owner, Brook Garcia Property Management


“As a singer songwriter, I wanted to establish an online presence to promote my work. As I neared the completion of my first album, several friends in the music business recommended Shannon as a highly skilled but personable social media coach. Working with Shannon has been so rewarding! She is patient, knowledgeable and fun. She created a plan to share my work online and now I finally have an online presence to share with business contacts and fans."

Jennifer Lande Galewski, Musician, Lande 


“As a busy entrepreneur, sometimes I feel like I have more ideas than I know what to do with! Shannon helped me sort all my ideas into an actionable plan, then helped me pull everything together that I would need to make it happen. I went from being "reactionary" with my marketing to being PROACTIVE and having an ongoing strategy that I could brainstorm, execute and schedule ahead of time. Working with Shannon has given me an overall sense of structure and direction for my marketing strategy and most important – relief!"

Michelle Simmons, Founder, The Suitcase Studio


“Shannon has an all-around knowledge of social media and marketing and was able to apply it in ways that were appropriate to my business model. She helped me with specific marketing projects, but the best thing about working with her was that she taught me how to do more of this work myself and do it effectively. She taught me how to promote my business on Facebook the “right” way and helped with maximizing my products’ reach on eBay and Amazon. Thanks to her advice and marketing support, I was able to grow my client list and increase my earnings.”

Casey Bischoff, Owner, 911 Motorsports


“Shannon did a stellar job moderating OIM’s Spirited Women, Spirited Marketing panel discussion. She was well-prepared with questions the panelists and masterfully kept the audience engaged throughout the entire program.”

Cam Davis, Director, Wordplay & Oregon Innovative Marketing


“I came to Shannon because I wanted to be more focused and strategic about building an online audience for my work. Shannon helped me put together a consistent, actionable content strategies directed at the financial goals I had set for my business. Her insights have helped me reach the right audiences and she is always willing to adapt to what I want to do; how I want to work and is open to trying new things. It’s been a non-painful learning experience for me. I feel we can grow together as my business needs grow, and it is a pleasure to work with someone who is flexible, organized, strategic, fun and smart!”

Lynette Xanders, CEO and Chief Strategist, Wild Alchemy


“As a start-up owner, I just didn’t have the time to manage the social media and marketing strategies for our new business. Shannon quickly figured out how to work within our chaotic system of getting things done and she’s become a very important part of our team. She is dedicated to our vision, listens to our needs, and works hard to get the ideas out of our heads and put them in front of our target audiences."

Dave Danek, Co-Owner, DIYcave

"Shannon just has a great enthusiasm for the “maker movement” so she was a great fit to help with our social messaging strategies. When we started our community collaboration, 9th Street Village, we added her to that team as well. She is prompt, professional, highly organized and able to quickly adapt to our changing business needs."

 Annie Willis, Co-Owner, DIYcave9th Street Village