Digital Marketing made easy with Simply Social & Digital

Are you Struggling with …

... you want to be on video but you're held back by confidence and know how?

... doing all the "marketing things" but not sure if it's working.

... want to master social media marketing but not sure where to start

... knowing you need an email list but lack technical skills to make it happen?

... need someone to bounce ideas off of instead of winging it

... use Instagram and Facebook as your website.

Let me be your mentor and support system on all things social media, and online marketing..

Imagine if ...

  • you engaged your ideal customer

  • had the confidence in your online presence

  • know how to create content and write copy to position yourself as the go-to in your industry

  • could complete your email marketing, social media, SEO and web content strategy in under 10 hours a month

  • Create an effective web content and social media strategy in under 10 hours a month.

Introducing Simply Social & Digital, 26 weeks of social media, digital marketing mentorship to learn how to manage your online strategy in 10 hours a month effectively.



Hi, I’m Shannon and I’m here to help

I’m Shannon Hinderberger, founder of Shannon Lee Strategy. I help brands, small businesses and entrepreneurs simplify their online strategy in under 10 hours a month.

Through my services, I help brands, small businesses and entrepreneurs focus on where to put their online energy to help free up time so they can get back to doing what they love — running their business.

I’ve been an online marketer since 1998 and started my own business in 2017 to guide small business owners where to spend their time online.

Simply Social and Digital can help your business get organized, come up with endless ideas for content, and streamline your digital marketing planning and execution, so it doesn't take over your life.

If you lack the budget to outsource your online marketing and you're eager to learn and help a fun group of people while at it, weekly group coaching is your best bet.

Group coaching is a cost-effective approach for businesses interested in expanding their online marketing presence. Shannon will provide actionable digital marketing strategies tailored to the goals of each business and will provide training, feedback and actionable next steps for your small business or in-house marketing team.

Simply Social & Digital includes:

  • 26 weeks of LIVE coaching calls over ZOOM (recorded in case you miss it) on topics of web content strategy, marketing planning, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, building relationships offline and online and more
    (Valued at $6,000)

  • Dedicated Facebook Group with your Simply Social and Digital classmates to help each other out when in need (Valued at $600)

  • Weekly homework, worksheets, and accountability geared towards a consistent digital marketing presence. (Valued at $1000)

  • After program completion, you'll receive 1- 60 minute long sessions at no charge for the next year if you get stuck or need clarity. (Valued at $200)

  • Focus and direction on where and what your business should focus on to effectively drive your online marketing efforts. (Valued at Priceless)

What Coaching Clients are saying:

Being in the Simply Social & Digital Group was not only fun, it was BEYOND helpful, and helps keep you accountable - Gracie G.

I took Shannon’s online group coaching and it has been amazing for my business. I have learned so much(like what an SEO even is) and it has really helped my business grow and prosper. She helped me streamline my social media, get actual results from advertising, and relayed it in such an easy to understand way that I am now helping others understand how important online/social media presence is. - Sara W.

Shannon helped me so much with my social media strategy. I now have 3 months of content planned out at a time, which has saved me so much headache and allows me to focus on other areas of my business. - Melissa B.

Working with Shannon has taught me so much and saved me so much time!
- Brooke G.


What's holding you back from getting to that level?

Making the investment or the right support system?

I’ve got you. Let’s talk!