Four things you need to know about web content


Let's help you build a Web Content plan …

Marketing folks, including myself, need to stop using industry jargon words like content, batch, etc because I'm finding out, it really confuses our audience.

I hear the word "content" and instantly think the blogs, podcasts, and videos that live on websites.

Another person hears "content" and they think the graphics, videos, captions, and photos on your social media.

Today's focus is on WEB CONTENT and how you can then use it to post onto your social platforms.

Let's talk Web Content! What is it?

It's the words, podcasts, videos that live on your website.

- Web Content helps with search engine optimization and make brands the go-to in their industry.

- Web Content should provide value and answer the questions of your ideal client (think 80/20 rule)

- Web Content can (and should) be repurposed into Social Media Content

- Blogging is the most popular but studies are showing podcasts and videos make brands more relatable

ACTION ITEM: Brainstorm FOUR topics that serve your audience and create web content around it. Put it into a blog, podcast or video for your website. THEN repurpose it for your social media. Bonus points if you send a newsletter out.

Once you do that, tag me! I'd love to see the work in action.

Who's in?