Tips for creating quality video content when you're a newbie

Video dominating the Internet. It's easy to consume and makes products and services more relatable when there is a face to it.

Questions like this typically come from someone who has not leaped into putting themselves on video, and they're worried about the technical barriers as well as how they look, feel, or sound.
Here are a few steps you can take to get going and comfortable when creating quality videos.
✔️ Start small by showing up in your Instagram Stories. Good jumping-off points include introducing yourself, show behind the scenes of your day, and show your struggles.

✔️ When you start to feel comfortable on video, start with mini-trainings based off solving the issues of your ideal clients in your IG Stories. This will lead to longer-form video, and you'll begin to feel more confident from all the IG Stories you've been doing.

✔️ Pick up simple tools like a tripod, selfie light, and watch tutorials on editing on-phone videos (for example iPhones have iMovie you can edit on your phone with). Once you've mastered on-phone editing, move on to using a video enhancement program like

✔️ Don't sit around another day wishing you could be on video. It takes baby steps, time, and patience. I didn't start using a video enhancement program until last spring and edited and uploaded everything from my iPhone to the social networks.

What scares you the most about video? The technical aspect? Your appearance?