4 Steps to Growing Instagram followers the right way


Probably the biggest question I'm asked when speaking at an event is “how do I grow my Instagram following?” Many of you want a simple answer like “Can I run a like campaign like Facebook?” or “Can I hire a company to do it for you?”

The answer ... nope, you have to put in the work to get those followers. Sure, that sounds really hard, but I'm going to give you simple ways to help you gain followers naturally without getting in trouble with Instagram.

Engage & Add Value

Engage Do not hire a loop, pod or service to gain followers. It's the quickest way to get banned on Instagram and lose your business account. Often when I'm meeting with small businesses they will comment after looking at my Instagram profile “you don't have a ton of Instagram followers why should I hire you?”

For me, I'm good with the number of followers I have because my followers are my ideal client. It should never be about how many followers you have -- it should always be about having the right followers. To grab those followers, I engage in hashtags where my ideal client is hanging out hang along with developing content that adds value! That is one of the keys to getting followers on Instagram.

Consider an Instagram Stories Takeover

Have you considered an Instagram Stories Takeover to gain rapid visibility? I talked to my business coach Sue B. Zimmerman in this Instagram Live I did recently. Head over and watch here as she goes over steps on making it successful and a win-win for the person whose account you're taking over.

Giveaway a product or service

Do a giveaway! Make sure the giveaway is one that reaches to your ideal client. Also, make the giveaway simple to enter. If you make it too difficult for people, they won't take part. After giveaway introduces yourself to all your new followers. Lastly, make sure you know the rules of doing giveaways on social media. They change all the time so research quarterly to make sure you're doing executing it correctly.


Networking is another way to grow your Instagram following. Networking online in Facebook groups is a great way to get the word out about what you do and where to follow you! There’s also the good old fashion way of going to events or speaking at events. Make sure you have your elevator pitch down, so people know what you do, what problem you solve and where to find you so they can follow you as well.

If you’re still stuck, let’s talk! Book 15 minutes with me and let’s see how I can help!