Content idea: How to use National Day of the Month in Your Marketing


You want to be a content rockstar 🎸 so we're going to make that happen in October with killer content ideas you can execute on your website, email marketing, and social media.

This week's topic: using National Days of the month for not only your social media but all of your marketing.

The National Days are the first play I go to when developing a marketing plan. It remembers you of upcoming holidays (like Halloween, Thanksgiving) but some made-up ones that may be relevant to your business.

These days will help great ideas around all aspects of marketing and can help with promotions as well!

Here a few tips I have around finding and using these fun days ...

📌Google "National Days (insert month)" and take note of days relevant to your business

📌 While I know cats and dogs photos get more likes than others, ONLY use days connected to your business. If your a company with a pet aspect, use the days. If not, don't waste content around it. Make sense?

📌 Only focus on the days that offer value or education to your audience

📌National Days are not limited to social media. Use National Days for web content & email marketing campaigns

The point in using National Days often is a jumping point to get my students or clients posting consistently with relevant content.

ACTION ITEM: Create content around National Days. Tag me in your post, so I can see my #SimplifyTribe action takers!