The holidays are coming ... are you prepared?


I recently mentioned in an Instagram Story that I was working on holiday web and social strategies for a client and someone direct messaged me and said, "Already?" 

Yes, I'm working right now on what October, November and December promotions will be and any content needed around it. You might think it's too soon but it's better to be prepared than have it sneak up on you. 


The holiday season is the biggest time of year for consumer spending so being prepared is a must. I've been on the end of a well planned holiday strategy and a thrown together, not well thought out strategy and guess which one brought in more revenue? (Do I really need to tell you?)

If you're new to setting up promotions around the holiday or just have never really been prepared and "winged it" -- have no fear, I developed a fun download to keep you organized over the next few months. 

It includes:
Monthly Checklist to keep you on track
National Days of the Month Calendar for September - December
Blank Planning Calendars for September - December
Brainstorming Worksheets
Content Planning Spreadsheet 

If you've found this helpful or you're still confused, please let me know. I'd be happy to walk you through the steps in a free 15-minute call.