Welcome to our new name ... Shannon Lee Strategy


You may have typed makeplusdrink.com and noticed there's a new name  --Shannon Lee Strategy  -- with different colors, contents, logo and photos. While Make+Drink Strategy was a fun name that I started going by in 2016, my client based and business vision shifted last spring from helping makers, craft food, and beverage companies strategize their online marketing to helping small businesses without marketing departments with their online strategy AND  I added small business coaching for those who wanted to learn how to effectively build their online presence on a budget. 

It became really apparent that Make+Drink Strategy didn't make any sense when I went to an intensive workshop in Boston held by my business coach and mentor, Sue B. Zimmerman that I was the only person (outside of Bend, Oregon) that didn't get my cute name.   

After months of going through names, Shannon Lee Strategy was where I landed. Lee is my given middle name and often times, I'm called Shannon Lee as Hinderberger is just too long for some to remember. 

I have many changes in the works like tactical blog posts on how to simplify the sometimes technical world of social media and online strategy, downloads to keep your business organized and helpful videos that will explain this confusing medium.