What are the best apps to use in creating web & social media content?


There are some amazing web & phone apps that spice up your brand and user experience.

Here are just a few I use daily, with clients and teach to my coaching students ...

1. If you're a horrible speller or bad with grammar ... Grammarly is your friend! Get the paid version if you struggle with mistakes in your copy.

2. I use Google Drive for collaboration with clients, writing copy, presentations, etc.

3. Canva Pro to make on-brand graphics for just about EVERYTHING! The paid version is worth the money. Before dropping the cash, try out the paid version so watch tutorials.

4. I record all my videos on my iPhone. No fancy camera ... 18 months later, #TipTuesday is still recorded and edited on my phone.

5. It's a splurge but Wave.video is an amazing web app to add on-brand graphics and more to your video. Once you get the hang of video, upgrade to Wave to make them pop. There is a learning curve so watch tutorials. (affiliate link)

6. I schedule Instagram using Planoly and Facebook through Facebook Creator Studio. Once I get access to IG/IGTV scheduling through Creator Studio, I plan on switching to that platform. (affiliate link)

What are some of your favorite tools for webs & social content creation?

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