Providing value through email marketing


As Joe Pulizzi of PNR: This Old Marketing Podcast says "Stop building content on rented land," since brands don't own the social media platforms, building your email list and sending out regular email marketing campaigns is another way to keep your brand top of mind to your customers.

Just like I talk with social media content, providing valuable for someone to open that email is vital but also follows the same principle ... How do I answer the struggles of my ideal client?"

Serving your client should always be top of mind and one way to make those campaigns valuable is by giving that email list the first take of your offers, discounts, and essential advice.

Where does all this start? By incorporating your web content plan into your overall marketing plan for repurposing possibilities.

My trick has always been to send out my valuable web content out to my email list first AND then repurpose several times after on social media to stay top of mind.

Many times, the copy structure is already written for the purpose of reformatting for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.

And that is most often how I can keep my marketing in under 10 hours a month.

What tips and trick do you have for email marketing? Comment below.