SLS on Freedomlicious Podcast


I was recently interviewed on the Freedomlicious Podcast by Sara Maccagnan on how entrepreneurs can become more visible through online marketing.

In this episode, you will learn my 8 secrets steps to rise and shine online!

About Sara
Sara is a sensitive soul who went from broken to feeling stronger then ever. She is here to inspire you and help you to overcome your difficulties that you are going through your life or your business. She will to make you laugh as hell because yes, she is not from the US but from Belgium ( forgive her grammar and words mistakes hahaha). Her accent will make you laugh and in the same time fall in love with her. So, be ready for some advices and to know in the same time her story.

If you have a podcast and love what you see and hear on my blog or social media, let’s chat. I’d love to be a guest.