What it's like to be part of my coaching program


I started a coaching program in 2018 by accident. When I was unemployed, my friend Eileen told me I should become one of those “people who teaches people how to do things online.” I laughed because at the time my confidence was so low, I thought she was going a little nuts.

Fast forward to January 2018 when I was a little more confident in myself, I told Michelle with the Suitcase Studio that I was thinking about starting a coaching program (which she thought was awesome) and the next day, someone contacted me for coaching. See, the spirits, Universe, GOD does listen. 💫

Over the next week, several others contacted me. This was my testing ground and beta group. 10 people went through the 1:1 program that I refined down to 26 units at the Sue B School Retreat in Boston in June and gave it a name "Simplify your online strategy in under 10 hours a month."


What it’s like to work with me

1) You'll fill out an intake form so I get to know you

2) We'll meet for 30 mins on Zoom or in-person (if you're local) to get to know each other and go over goals

3) Our meetings take place WEEKLY on Zoom via the computer

4) 1:1 clients get a more personalized coaching plan while the group follows a set plan

5) Students received homework each week to work on to level-up your online presence.

6) I'll be launching a Facebook Group for both the 1:1 & Group to help each other and bounce ideas

7) All coaching students have access to me during my office hours if they get stuck

8) We cover all aspects of online marketing NOT just social media. That means you'll learn about email marketing, SEO, web best practices, paid advertising and more.

9) After the program is over, we'll meet when you'd like up to 4 times at no extra charge

If this is something you’re interested in, 1:1 coaching is always ongoing BUT in March, group coaching launches for 6 months! If you’re interest or have any questions, feel free to join the waitlist! I’ll be launching a webinar next month that goes over how to get planning in 2019!