Pink Boots Doyenne Collaboration Ale


It's not a secret how much I love craft beer. If you've followed my social channels (especially Instagram), you've seen my craft beer consumption, working in the craft beer industry and enjoying Bend, Oregon's craft beer lifestyle.  A recent survey of friends, family, and colleagues for a course I'm taking asked my strengths and I was floored that in my top 3 superpowers was I am viewed as a "craft beer genius." (their words, not mine)

It's also not a secret that I don't know how to brew beer. I know the general process, but I've never done it myself (even though I worked in a brewery for a short period).  So when a local brewer asked me to join other women brewers in developing a collaboration beer for the Pink Boots Society, I was honored and floored. Sign me up!

The Pink Boots Society (PBS) is a non-profit organization with international membership which supports women working in the brewing profession, especially in creating craft beer. These ladies know the science behind making an IPA spectacular. 

PBS sent the Bend Chapter an exclusive YCH HOPs blend for this project and Mecca Grade Estate Malt donated some fun malts for the cause.  Brewers from Worthy, Deschutes and Bridge 99 were on hand to brew the beer, and I did what I do best, took photos and documented the whole process.

“This brew day is an amazing way for us to celebrate the intelligent, strong, and crafty women of the Bend brewing community. Having suppliers, like Mecca Grade and YCH HOPs, support this event is extremely inspiring. We are lucky to have a community that encourages the growth and equal involvement of Women in our workforce.” Chapter Co-leader Victoria Chaplin.

The result was Single Batch Doyenne Collaboration Ale. The meaning of Doyenne -- the most experienced, and often most respected woman involved in a particular type of work -- was fitting for this beer and International Women's Day. I sampled it, and it's a nice hazy session ale coming in at 4.7% ABV and 15 IBUs.  The description the group came up with -- "brunch in a glass and an Orange Julius. Featuring tangerine, pineapple, papaya, citrus, banana, hop resin, cheerios, cookie dough and pancake-like aromas."  Yum, right? My official description would have been "tastes like amazing beer. "

Launching on National Beer Day, April 7, come down and try it for yourself from 1-8pm at Bridge 99 located at 63063 Layton Ave in Bend, Oregon.  It will be in limited quantities so it will go fast! 

For each pint, growler or crowler sold, Bridge 99  will donate back to the Pink Boots Society for scholarships for women in the brewing industry. 

Hope you can join me!