Social media,Digital Marketing & Community Management

You know your business needs a social media and digital marketing presence but don't have the time to set-up, manage, create and execute social channels or online content.

We will drive traffic to your website using innovative marketing campaigns that engage your existing customers and reach new ones. Our services include:

Digital strategy account management; content strategy development, planning, and execution for social media, paid online marketing, website, Email campaign planning, management and automation newsletters, search engine optimization and Amazon listing optimization; management and execution of social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, LinkedIn).

AND If you want to add custom photography, let's talk about our web and social media photography subscription.

Recent projects: 

"Thanks to Shannon, Caboost Kombucha’s visibility on social media has increased exponentially and we are seeing deeper engagement with our customers. She has been an amazing partner and is very easy to work with!”

Kris Romaine, Head Brewer and Founder, Caboost Kombucha

"She is dedicated to our vision, listens to our needs, and works hard to get the ideas out of our heads and put them in front of our target audiences."

Dave Danek, Co-Owner, DIYcave

"Her insights have helped me reach the right audiences and she is always willing to adapt to what I want to do; how I want to work and is open to trying new things. It’s been a non-painful learning experience for me. I feel we can grow together as my business needs grow, and it is a pleasure to work with someone who is flexible, organized, strategic, fun and smart!”

Lynette Xanders, CEO and Chief Strategist, Wild Alchemy

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