Kickstart Your Instagram Stories Habit

You've probably heard, Instagram Stories are taking over social media.

What are Stories? It's a feature within the Instagram and Facebook app where users can capture and post relevant photographs and video content in a slideshow format. Users can add some flares with text, stickers, drawings, stickers, polls, quizzes and more to images or video clips.

The one truth about social media is that it's always changing. It's either adapt or be left behind. Don't think you need Stories? Think again as 62% of businesses currently.

Sounds cool, yet terrifying, right?

Why would you or your business want to be using Instagram Stories as part of your social media marketing?

* Share part of your life or business to customers and potential customers to be more relatable.

* Interact with your audience to get feedback, research, and answers to your questions.

* Talk about your products and services in real time.

* Repurpose content from other social channels.

* Keep your brand top of mind

* Visibility and authenticity in the buying cycle

* Increase your social engagement on Instagram and Facebook

See, you can't afford NOT to do Instagram and Facebook Stories.

What's holding you back? Is it that ...

... you hate the sound of your voice

... you want to look perfect with your hair perfect and make-up done

... no cares about what I have to say about myself or my business

... people will judge you

The Simplify Your Instagram Stories 7 Day Challenge will arm you with tools that will quiet the voices in your head and give you a foundation to feel confident when posting on Instagram Stories.

During this challenge, you'll have support from me and others cheering you on to set you up for success to quiet the voice in your head! Once you practice, you'll feel more confident and look past what is holding you back.

You'll get access to:

* FREE 60 minute #SimplifyTribe Story School LIVE with me where I’ll give you the latest tips and tricks AND answer your IG Stories questions LIVE (Save the date for May 10 at 10 am PST, Valued at $29)

* Simplify Your Instagram Stories Challenge Facebook Group for support and alliance

* Use #simplifytribe and follow along and cheer those also doing the challenge too

* 7 daily prompts via email, Facebook Group and me on Instagram from May 13 - 19

* BONUS worksheet with more IG Stories ideas on the final day

* PRIZES! PRIZES! PRIZES! Use the #simplifytribe in your Instagram Stories and i’ll draw winners on May 20!

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to up your Instagram Stories game with the Simplify Your Instagram Stories 7 Day Challenge.


About Shannon…

I’m Shannon Hinderberger, founder of Shannon Lee Strategy. I help brands, small businesses and entrepreneurs simplify their online strategy in under 10 hours a month.

Through my services, I help brands, small businesses and entrepreneurs focus on where to put their online energy to help free up time so they can get back to doing what they love — running their business.

My services include:

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